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Collective reprisal at CAL/OSHA?
22 Associate Safety Engineers put on notice: You may be fired or demoted.
Could This happen to you?

Federal OSHA Investigator And AFGE Steward Darrell Whitman's Presentation At PSI/UN Symposium On The Protection Of Whistleblowers

by Darrell Whitman (10/30/17)

The Obama-Clinton Inside-Job & Tom Peres OSHA/DOL Corruption Galore
by Darrell Whitman (5/22/17)

Draft Statement For Discussion-For Unity In Struggle of The US And Mexican Workers

Statement For Unity Of Workers/Unions Of Mexico, the US and Canada And The Cancellation of NAFTA

"A Culture of Corruption" The Obama Perez Legacy And The Wells Fargo Criminal Syndicate -
Is The Collapse of Wells Fargo Coming In 2017?

By Steve Zeltzer (12/26/16)

UPWA Statement on Trump Election
Trump Election Exposes Crises of United States Capitalism and Imperialism; Creates Historic Political Opening for Radical Change

By George Wright (11/30/16)

Fired Federal OSHA Whistleblower Protection Program Investigator and Lawyer Darrell Whitman On Workplace Bullying

By Darrell Whitman

Lack of democracy weakens organized labor: The example of CCSF during its accreditation crisis

by Rick Baum, AFT 2121 member (8/20/16)

The politics of my OSC complaint at OSHA/DOL
by Dr. darrell Whitman (8/15/16)

CTC State Whistleblower Kathleen Carroll Wins Nearly $3.1 Million In Lawsuit against CTC, supervisors and state for retaliation over whistleblowing.
by Steve Zeltzer (8/9/16)

"Doing Good" In California After Helping To Blow Up The World Economy?
by Steve Zeltzer (6/2/16)

Are The Feds Protecting Whistleblowers? UPWA Charges They Are Not
OSHA Whistleblower: I Was Interviewed by D.C. Officials After NBC Bay Area Investigation

By Vicky Nguyen, Liz Wagner and Felipe Escamilla (5/5/2015)

The Key to Ensuring Unconstitutionality-Strict Scrutiny
A Key That Doesn’t Fit in the Vergara Case

By Kathleen Carroll (6/14/14)

Stop Mayor Ed Lee’s Attacks on SF Muni Drivers and Mechanics!

Stop Privatization of Public Education & Union Busting!
No More Public Money To Charters, End Teach For America TFA And Stop The "Common Core" Testing Scam

Skyline College, SLO's, the ACCJC and Accredition: The Privatization of California Community College
by George Wright

Cal-Osha Mandated to take effective criminal acion- Richmond Refinery

by Larry Rose (3/4/13)

Carroll v Commission on Teacher Credentialing et al., Sacramento Superior Court,
Case No. 34-2012-00135527 (PDF)

Vote No on CA Prop 30


Arnie's Union Busting Express Visits Sacramento-Meets with Rhee & School Superintendents And Exclusive Screening of movie "Won't Back Down"
by Steve Zeltzer

Request of CA Attorney General for investigatory inquiry into potential conflicts of interest and any possible criminal activities In Education (12/16/11)

"Solidarity forever had a hollow sound" The Struggle At The Alameda Labor Council On The Occupy Oakland December 12 Call For Port Action Call (12/9/11)

SFLC Labor Supported Prop C Which Attacks Low Paid City Workers-SF Billionaires&Union Tops Pushed Concession Deal (Sep. 2011)

Just Say No To Reining In SF Public Employee Pensions "shock Doctrine with this Health Service Governance proposal"
(Sep. 2011) by Nancy Snyder

Stop SF Pension Betrayal! Vote NO On Adachi/Mayor Ed Lee Pension-Healthcare Rip-Off Deal
(Sep. 2011)

It's Time for Democratic Labor Party & General Strike (6/24/11)

It's Time to fight Back! (5/9/11)

Why We Should Picket AFL-CIO
By Charles T. Smith (1/31/11)

The Assault on Public Worker Union Pensions and Neo-Liberalism: Greenhut’s Plunder! Broadsides Public Worker Unions from the Libertarian-Right

By George Wright (2011) (39pgs-PDF)

CA Governor Brown Imposing “Draconian” Budget Cuts And Demos “Fine Tuning” The  “Amputation”
Following the Obama Agenda

By George Wright (February, 2011)

CUPE and the Fight Against Privatization In Canada
By Mary Catherine McCarthy

Neo-Liberalism and the Assault on Public Education
By George Wright (May 1, 2010)

6/25 Protest of Union Buster and Privatizer US Education Secretary Arnie Duncan At Foothill College

For A CA Statewide Labor/Student Day of Strike & Action
Planned on March 4, 2010


Chicago Labor Note Conference Action - Committee for a Public Workers and Retirees Action network

Lets Unite All Public Workers and Fight Back

The United Public Workers For Action is a network and political organizing committee that seeks to unite the 1.5 million California public workers , all public workers throughout the US and to take collective action to defend public education and public services.

We believe that there are structural problems that have been put in place in order to marginalize and destroy public services including public education. We also believe that there needs to be a basic political education campaign with public workers, working people, students and the oppressed to illuminate the systemic problems in our society and to build an independent democratic working class political party

We also believe in direct action both against attacks on unions and in the fight for a democratic trade union movement. We urge you to read our principles and program and join our committee.

(Photo: 6/2/14 In front of MTA, supporters of Muni workers hold a press conference)

Video Links:
March 2, 2013 - Forum on Bullying Against Public Workers
1) IFPTE Local 21 member and Richmond city library worker Stacie Plummer on bullying, corruption and the city of Richmond
2) SF city doctor at SF Laguna Honda Hospital discusses bullying in the workplace
3) Labor and the fight against bullying-SEIU 1021 SF leader Brenda Barros speaks out
4) The fight to stop bullying in California- A presentation by Carrie Clark
5) Bullying and the case of SF Housing Authority attorney Tim Larson with attorney Ivo Labar
6) Stop bullying at California Environmental Protection Agency-Report by CA EPA workers and SEIU 1000 member Karen Snyder
7) USPO worker Ling Lan reports on retaliation and bullying for whistle blowing



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